Mine Planning & Scheduling

XECUTE minimises data entry and maximises planning value, adaptability and agility by using automation to connect planning with operations, with 3D crossteam collaboration, and integrated design and scheduling.

Combining RPMGlobal’s proprietary Product Optimiser with a game-inspired 3D interface, XECUTE enables planners to build an optimal ultra-short-term schedule that’s easy to understand and communicate, providing a coherent link between medium term planning and operational execution.

Inherently multi-user, XECUTE allows a greater level of collaboration and planning efficiency than ever before. Enterprise data feeds provide planners with the most up-to-date schedule inputs and allow schedule outputs to be automatically pushed to downstream systems, closing the loop between planning and execution.

A wide range of benefits

Key Features

RPMGlobal Xecute Maximise value in every shift

Maximise value in every shift

Automatically select optimal material destinations

RPMGlobal Xecute Seamlessly integrate planning horizons

Seamlessly integrate planning horizons

Increase plan-to-plan compliance with schedule guidance

RPMGlobal Xecute User-driven interface

User-driven interface

3D, multi-user interface that is easy to use

RPMGlobal Xecute Deliver commercial agility

Deliver commercial agility

Continuous live planning and optimisation supports reactive scheduling

RPMGlobal Xecute Real-time visibility

Real-time visibility

Integration with Fleet Management, Maintenance, and Enterprise systems

RPMGlobal Xecute One plan, automated

One plan, automated

Connect planning with operations for cross-team collaboration

RPMGlobal Xecute Increased production uptime

Increased production uptime

Integrate with maintenance systems to reduce scheduling conflicts and bottlenecks

RPMGlobal Xecute Increased productivity

Increased productivity

Visual environment allows planners to find and resolve problems early