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RPMGlobal's Underground Potash Solutions (UGPS) has been developed to address the unique challenges of underground potash operations through a single integrated mine planning and scheduling package that can be used for design, reserving and scheduling.

UGPS is a fully integrated planning solution designed specifically for underground potash mines. As a state-of-the-art software solution for the potash industry, UGPS models a mine layout in 3D with schedules created interactively using a combination of automatic and manual methods. UGPS uses a process driven workflow that’s 100% script free, making it fast to implement and easy to learn.  

A wide range of benefits

Key Features

Reserving and Working Section Modelling

Builds a detailed 3D model of the mine’s geology directly from the mine’s geology

Dynamic Stratigraphic Design

Panels dynamically respond as the mine layout is created and adjusted

Conveyor Modelling

Conveyer characteristics can be defined to act as a constraint on the overall production

Advanced Mining Rules

The mining sequence within each panel is fully automated using mining rules for a practical schedule

Parametric Scheduling

Generate practical mine designs and schedules in a fraction of the time it would otherwise take

Integrated Product Optimiser

Integrated Product Optimiser finds the best way to process, blend and stockpile products to maximise value

Process-driven UI

Unique, process-driven UI. Learn in a few days and implement in a few weeks

Scenario Analysis Capability

Explore alternative ‘what if’ scenarios and truly understand how best to drive the mines production in changing market conditions