Mining Simulation Software

Underground Coal TALPAC calculates the level of production that is achievable from your longwall and enables you to quickly and easily assess different face configurations or cutting systems to improve operational outcomes.

Its systematic and visual approach renders Underground Coal TALPAC the desktop solution of choice for technical, production and training teams. Achieve a step up in productivity in your longwall with Underground Coal TALPAC.

A wide range of benefits

Key Features

RPMGlobal Talpac - Underground Coal Maximise productivity in every shift

Maximise productivity in every shift

Accurately simulate multiple long-wall cutting methods to find the best option

RPMGlobal Talpac - Underground Coal User-driven interface

User-driven interface

Intuitive, 2D interface that is easy to use

RPMGlobal Talpac - Underground Coal Advanced analytics

Advanced analytics

Powerful reporting inbuilt reports that are fully customisable

RPMGlobal Talpac - Underground Coal Industry-leading longwall solution

Industry-leading longwall solution

Underground Coal TALPAC is the mining industry's only planning and productivity modelling solution