Mining Simulation Software

Trusted by the mining industry for its accuracy and independence, TALPAC is a simulation tool for evaluating the efficiency, productivity, and economics of truck and loader haulage.

TALPAC is the mining industry’s leading haulage and loading simulator and is used by mining companies globally to simulate a truck and loader fleet over a haul route. Using proven logic that models real haulage situations, TALPAC enables users to study the measurable factors that affect productivity, and how fleet will react to them.

A wide range of benefits

Key Features

Accurately forecast future productivity

RPMGlobal Talpac Largest publicly available equipment library

Largest publicly available equipment library

RPMGlobal Talpac Reduce risk and uncertainty

Reduce risk and uncertainty

Analyse multiple plans quickly

RPMGlobal Talpac Trusted travel time calculations

Trusted travel time calculations

RPMGlobal Talpac Minimise haulage costs

Minimise haulage costs

Use sensitivity analysis to find the lowest cost per tonne

RPMGlobal Talpac Find optimum results quickly

Find optimum results quickly