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Strategic Design Optimiser (SDO) forms part of RPMGlobal’s Design offering. SDO is the only product available that integrates the complex tasks of stope and development optimisation into a single, coherent process.

The integration of stoping and development enables users to rapidly understand the impact of changes to key economic drivers such as metallurgical grade, mining costs, revenue, forex, and the roll-on effects these have on accessing the mineral deposits to be mined. Determine the most economical network of tunnels to access and extract ore with the industry’s only Strategic Design Optimiser.

A wide range of benefits

Key Features

Guide surface creation

Automatically generate stope control surfaces required for stope seed orientation

Frameworks and quads

Visualise the interaction of slicing planes with bounding frameworks

Flexible option assessment

Pick and choose what properties templates to apply to selected frameworks for stoping scenarios

Customised scenario management

Large volumes of generated scenario data are automatically managed, making it easy to compare outputs of different options

Analyse results quickly

Customised built-in analysis charts make it easy to summarise and assess stope optimisation outputs

Full strategic scenarios

Create detailed stope and development reserve sets for any chosen scenario(s) in one place

Access development

Instantly generate level access development based on most efficient haulage route

Connecting decline

Automatically create connecting declines for generated level development