Mine Operation

RPMGlobal's MinVu Mining Management Software is an integral component of the digital mine in providing a single source of truth for mining data.

By rapidly pooling, validating, standardising, and integrating multiple stores of data into a powerful reporting platform, MinVu provides long and short term mine planning, mine-wide operational reporting, and analytics solutions. In supporting today’s leaner, more agile mining organisations, look to RPM’s Mining Management Software, MinVu, to turn your data into powerful insights.

A wide range of benefits

Key Features

RPMGlobal MinVu Powerful Insights

Powerful insights

On-demand, real time reporting solution for business and operational analytics

RPMGlobal MinVu Performance Management

Performance management

Utilises live production information for continuous improvement

RPMGlobal MinVu Informed Decision Making

Informed decision making

Instant KPI tracking for accurate and timely decision making

RPMGlobal MinVu Seamlessly Integrates FMS Data

Seamlessly integrates FMS data

Utilises data from all major FMS and data acquisition systems

RPMGlobal MinVu Reduce Risk

Reduce risk

Mine production information shared from a single source of truth