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IMAFS is a cutting-edge, cloud delivered, inventory management and forecasting software solution that connects to an organisation’s Enterprise Resource Planning system and utilises proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms to improve inventory management.

As a robust inventory optimisation solution, IMAFS uses proprietary and cutting-edge AI algorithms to enhance inventory management. AI performs a very complex analysis of a large number of parameters to significantly improve forecasting accuracy.

With IMAFS, operations can continuously improve the accuracy of parts availability, reduce inventories, decrease stockouts and reduce equipment downtimes.

A wide range of benefits

Key Features

Inventory optimisation

Optimise the maintenance, repair and operational inventory to reduce costs and increase profitability

Demand management & forecasting

Accurately plan and evaluate stock requirements while minimising excess stock

Artificial intelligence

AI-driven forecasting significantly improves forecast accuracy for optimised inventory management

Business intelligence dashboard

IMAFS’s BI dashboard enables end-users to quickly review and track inventory data

Item classification

IMAFS’s unique item classification offers the flexibility to break down inventory by product/item, family and warehouse

Seamless integration

Fast and reliable connectivity with any transactional system