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IMAFS is a cutting-edge, cloud delivered, inventory management and forecasting software solution that connects to an organisation’s Enterprise Resource Planning system and utilises proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms to improve inventory management.

As a robust inventory optimisation solution, IMAFS uses proprietary and cutting-edge AI algorithms to enhance inventory management. AI performs a very complex analysis of a large number of parameters to significantly improve forecasting accuracy.

With IMAFS, operations can continuously improve the accuracy of parts availability, reduce inventories, decrease stockouts and reduce equipment downtimes.

A wide range of benefits

Key Features

Inventory optimisation

Optimise the maintenance, repair and operational inventory to reduce costs and increase profitability

Demand management & forecasting

Accurately plan and evaluate stock requirements while minimising excess stock

Artificial intelligence

AI-driven forecasting significantly improves forecast accuracy for optimised inventory management

Business intelligence dashboard

IMAFS’s BI dashboard enables end-users to quickly review and track inventory data

Item classification

IMAFS’s unique item classification offers the flexibility to break down inventory by product/item, family and warehouse

Seamless integration

Fast and reliable connectivity with any transactional system

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Press Release

RPMGlobal transitions two more products into the cloud

RPMGlobal has accelerated the transition of its product suite to the cloud, releasing two new cloud offerings to the market.

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RPMGlobal adds additional languages to key software offerings

RPMGlobal has expanded the reach of its industry-leading planning and scheduling software, XPAC Solutions, after adding Chinese to the list of supported languages.

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What is IMAFS?

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Case Study

Canadian Malartic Mine Optimise their inventory levels with IMAFS

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Case Study

The Iron Ore Company of Canada (IOC) Reduced their inventory with IMAFS

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Press Release

IMAFS acquisition grows RPMGlobal’s optimisation suite and adds Artificial Intelligence applications to industry leading data intelligence platform

RPMGlobal has expanded its optimisation and Artificial Intelligence (AI) suite of innovative technology solutions following completion of the acquisition of Canada-headquartered inventory optimisation management software company, IMAFS.

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Press Release

RPMGlobal acquiert IMAFS Inc.

RPMGlobal est heureuse d’annoncer qu’elle a conclu une entente d’achat d’actions pour acquérir IMAFS Inc., une société de logiciel d’optimisation des stocks dont le siège social est au Canada.

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Press Release

RPMGlobal acquires IMAFS Inc.

RPMGlobal is pleased to announce it has entered into a share purchase agreement to acquire Canada-headquartered, inventory optimisation management software company, IMAFS.

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