Haulage as a Service (HaaS) allows users to complete travel time calculations programmatically in a cloud environment. With HaaS, users can integrate the travel time calculation into their own systems to assist with calibration and reporting.

The advanced, service-oriented approach to haulage analysis means users are no longer confined to one application on the desktop. HaaS enables users to configure haul traces, haul routes, settings and trucks to run travel time calculations in the cloud. With HaaS, miners have access to the most widely used haulage calculation engine in the mining industry. 


A wide range of benefits

Key Features

Real-time calculations

Travel time calculations can be performed as required to assist in fleet planning, calibration or in-shift performance analysis.

Reporting benefits

Easily benchmark fleet performance from the haulage service. The dynamic nature of mine haulage makes benchmarking challenging. With HaaS, every haul can be compared to a benchmark “calculated” value to help unlock potential areas of improvement.

Programmatic calibration

Travel time calculations are used throughout the mine planning process to model haulage. With HaaS, users can calibrate travel time calculations programmatically making the process quicker and more accurate than ever before.

Rapid calculations

Haulage transactions are completed at rapid speed. HaaS has been designed to perform using the best of what cloud computing has to offer. For customers this means that calculations are completed quickly and efficiently.

User-driven interface

Customers can choose how they use HaaS. Users can access the API and use it in numerous ways. HaaS requires no IT infrastructure, helping keep costs low.

Scalable & secure offering

Internet-enabled cloud access provides flexibility and scalability and is also extremely secure. We understand the value locked up in data, and use the latest security protocols to ensure that your data is safe.