Enterprise Planning Framework (EPF)

Enterprise Platform

Connected systems and connected information leads to amplified decision making. Enterprise integration and collaboration will deliver the operational improvements mining companies need to realise the next wave of productivity improvements.

RPMGlobal have recognised the power of utilising an open standards platform that enables seamless communication across different solutions to meet the individual demands of a mine site. Whilst most mining companies have realised value implementing an integrated strategy in their Corporate functions, such as finance and HR, they have not extended this to their Technical Mining Operations (TMO).

A wide range of benefits

Key Features

RPMGlobal Enterprise Planning Framework The place from which the mining industry runs

The place from which the Mining industry runs

Mining's only enterprise platform built on industry standards

RPMGlobal Enterprise Planning Framework Enterprise Wide Visibility

Enterprise wide visibility

Unlock new insights and add new value across your operations

RPMGlobal Enterprise Planning Framework A Scalable Data Foundation

A scalable data foundation

Connect, optimise, and scale to improve processes, lower costs and reduce risks

RPMGlobal Enterprise Planning Framework Delivering The Level Of Connectivity The Industry Requires

Delivering the level of connectivity the industry requires

Simplify and connect disparate process and systems

RPMGlobal Enterprise Planning Framework Providing Data With Context

Providing data with context

Garner real time insights into what is really happening across multiple operations

RPMGlobal Enterprise Planning Framework Leverage Your ERP

Leverage your ERP

Gain greater value from your ERP with extensive ERP integration