Mining Simulation Software

Whether you compare before spending, or compare before digging, DRAGSIM dragline simulation can help you find the right fit for your mine site.

Mining engineers have trusted DRAGSIM for decades to make informed operational decisions, obtaining practical productivity and production cost data with speed and precision. DRAGSIM’s fully auditable functionality makes it a great fit for your company’s governance platform, you too can trust it to deliver accuracy and reliability from the pit to the boardroom.

A wide range of benefits

Key Features

RPMGlobal Dragsim Reduce risk and uncertainty

Reduce risk and uncertainty

Vary parameters to analyse the impact of changes

RPMGlobal Dragsim Seamless integration

Seamless integration

Export results to any planning solution

RPMGlobal Dragsim Advanced analytics

Advanced analytics

Powerful reporting with inbuilt reports

RPMGlobal Dragsim Industry standard

Industry standard

Trusted dragline solution for over 40+ years

RPMGlobal Dragsim Drive continuous improvement

Drive continuous improvement

Validate planned vs actual