Mine, Asset & Equipment Maintenance

AMT for OEMs bridges the gap between OEMs internal processes and departments and end customers. The power of AMT for OEMs is in the delivery of increased parts and service sales, capital efficiency, lower operating costs, and increase customer satisfaction.

Today, OEMs are striving to become equipment management businesses, which deliver a wide range of traditional and non-traditional products and services. AMT for OEMs presents a solution that facilitates a proactive approach when working with suppliers and end customers.

A wide range of benefits

Key Features

RPMGlobal AMT for OEMS Dynamic life cycle costing (DLCC) engine

Dynamic life cycle costing (DLCC) engine

Providing powerful forecasting - in real time

RPMGlobal AMT for OEMS Increase revenue

Increase revenue

Maximise equipment, parts and service sales

RPMGlobal AMT for OEMS Greater visibility

Greater visibility

Optimise your inventory

RPMGlobal AMT for OEMS Increase accountability

Increase accountability

Break down silos

Advanced analytics

Powerful reporting with over 400+ inbuilt reports