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Visit RungePincockMinarco at MINExpo 2016 to experience game changing technologies shaping the Digital Mine of the Future (23 Sep 2016)

Today’s mining landscape is changing rapidly and RungePincockMinarco (RPM) is at the forefront of this transformation as digital technologies become pivotal to mining success.

(BRISBANE), Australia

RPM will be showcasing game changing technology including a live Planning and Scheduling environment using Virtual Reality at this year’s MINExpo, being held from September 26 – 28 at the Las Vegas Convention Centre.

Chief Marketing Officer, Michael Baldwin said, “We are genuinely excited about what we are bringing to the mining industry. We want miners to be able to fully immerse themselves in our live Planning & Scheduling environment using virtual reality to experience the next generation of mining for themselves.”

RPM’s Strategic Partner, SAP, will have a presence at the RPM booth. Together, RPM and SAP have realised the vision that Enterprise solutions, below the line in ‘Operations’, will be what mining companies need to survive and thrive in the current and future challenging economic market conditions. Not only has RPM delivered 6 new products in the last 12 months but we have demonstrated how important an integrated mine is – below the line and above the line. SAP are a key partner and we are working with them to deliver the next generation Digital Mine. We will be showcasing this industry-first collaboration at our stand at MINExpo.

Mr Baldwin continued, “MINExpo 2016, presents a platform for RPM to transport the mining industry into the next generation, virtual world of mining. A world where operations become more digitalised and connected. This digitalised world will be live at MINExpo.”

RPM has been working with key partners including Modular Mining, SAP and Schneider Electric to create the experience of the next generation digital world at MINExpo. In collaboration with key partners, RPM will be running a dedicated live demonstration centre, giving the mining industry the opportunity to immerse themselves into the Digital Mine and truly experience what is on the horizon for the industry. Mr Baldwin continued, “We wanted to create the same experience our users have with our software anywhere, anytime. What our solutions offer is true end-to-end collaboration built on industry standards, all within a live planning environment.”

Also featured in RPM’s dedicated demonstration centre at MINExpo will be a live Short Interval Control demonstration in collaboration with Schneider Electric. RPM’s Short Interval Control demonstration is an example of best-in-class unification of technologies to fill a much needed gap in the mining industry.

Mr Baldwin concluded, “We wanted to users to experience the benefit of integrated systems and processes, in real time. Moving from a virtual reality Planning and Scheduling environment to assessing a mine’s financials in the palm of your hand is really quite powerful. XERAS Review mode, which will be launched at the show, provides the next level of visibility and transparency needed to make the right financial decisions, fast.”

MINExpo provides a platform for RPM to demonstrate true collaboration with other key industry leaders including Modular Mining, SAP and Schneider Electric via fully integrated technology systems and processes.

The mining ecosystem is changing and RPM will be showcasing the true ‘Digital Mine of the Future’ at MINExpo. 

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