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Simulation now more important than ever for mining (06 Aug 2015)

RungePincockMinarco (RPM) has today announced it has entered into an agreement with FlexSim Software Products, Inc. (FlexSim) to acquire a copy of their simulation software.

AUSTRALIA, Brisbane (June 24, 2015)

This acquisition will provide RPM with the exclusive right to not only commercialise, but further develop the FlexSim simulation software for the mining industry and extend its use throughout RPM’s simulation software suite.

RPM has for a long time understood the importance of simulation in the mining industry. Their TALPAC product has been the market leader for over 30 years. It is used at hundreds of mine sites around the globe and is the trusted application when it comes to equipment productivity simulation.

RPM delivered a fresh new approach to simulation in February 2014 with the launch of HAULSIM, a discrete event simulation product specifically designed for mine haulage systems. HAULSIM was the beginning of RPM’s partnership with FlexSim as they incorporated FlexSim’s simulation engine into HAULSIM, giving users the ability to accurately model complex mine haulage systems in an interactive visual 3D environment so they can easily identify and remove operational bottlenecks.

The positive market reaction to HAULSIM encouraged RPM to deliver tight integration with its scheduling products, making this simulation step a seamless validation activity in the mine planning process. Once the mine plan has been built, the 3D simulation engine is easy to use. Taking a step further, this acquisition provides RPM with the underlying infrastructure capability to both extend the HAULSIM Desktop product and develop an Enterprise version of the product.

This simulation engine will also be embedded into the next major release of RPM’s recently released ultra-short term mine execution system, XECUTE. This will give mine planners, who have just created their ultra-short term mine plan, the ability to watch a full simulation of their plan in XECUTE’s 4D interactive viewer. Based on the outcomes of the simulation, users of XECUTE can either fine tune their plan and then simulate it again, or commit it directly to the Fleet Management Systems to execute.

Commenting on the acquisition, RPM’s CEO and Managing Director, Richard Mathews, said, “This acquisition supports our software strategy. FlexSim’s reputation in the world of simulation is second to none, so we are delighted with this major advancement in our software strategy. Adding to our comprehensive suite of Design, Scheduling, Financial and Execution products, this step makes RPM leaders in mining simulation as well.”

FlexSim’s Founder, President and CEO, Bill Nordgren, stated, “RPM is the most qualified software company within the mining industry because of its leadership position in developing and integrating simulation technology. With the acquisition of FlexSim technology, RPM will offer the most complete enterprise solutions in the mining industry. We are pleased to have such a strong partnership with a forward thinking company”.

To learn more about RPM’s focus on simulation and how it can benefit your operation, contact your local RPM office for a free demonstration and trial of HAULSIM. 

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