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RPM’s world leading software innovation is again on show with the latest release of their Ultra Short Term Scheduling tool XECUTE 1.3 (09 Feb 2017)

BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA, FEBRUARY 9, 2017 – RPM’s world leading software innovation is again on show with the latest release of their Ultra Short Term Scheduling tool XECUTE 1.3. XECUTE provides the much sought after step change in the mine planning environment that the industry has been seeking. By utilising a visual, enterprise enabled, real time planning platform users can now move away from the archaic, traditional mine planning methods. These outdated methods use transactional information to develop a mine plan, whereas XECUTE combines multiple data sources including block models, spatial data, topographical information, maintenance information and FMS/ HP GPS actuals to develop and communicate the plans to the entire business.

One of the major features within the latest release is the inclusion of stratigraphic bench support. This allows for a stratigraphic horizon to be used rather than a set level and opens up the availability of the solution to be used at numerous operations all over the world. The solution has now been extended for use in a number of other commodities such as oil sands where the solution is currently being deployed to one of the world’s largest oil sands mines. 

Also included in the release is further improvements to the Dynamic Product Optimisation engine which allows for the automatic assignment of material to destination throughout the planning process. Dynamic Product Optimisation utilises the same algorithms and logic form RPM’s other world leading planning tools and ensures closer adherence to longer term plans and ultimately improvements to the entire planning process.

RPM ‘s evangelistic quest for industry standards is also a key feature of XECUTE 1.3 with a number of developments focusing on integration with RPM partners SAP, Schneider Electric and Modular Mining Systems. According to RPM CEO Richard Matthews, partnership is at the heart of all development with integration and sharing data being the key to any major productivity and improvement gains. “A mining organisation has all the big data it needs sitting in databases, laptops and servers all over the world, what we don’t have is the mechanism and platform to share and utilise that data in a meaningful way. That is why RPM has partnered with the industry’s best, to collaborate and provide the platform to utilise the wealth of data sitting in those silos”. RPM has also further improved integration with XECUTE to their own suite of products including the XPAC solutions suite, HAULSIM, XERAS Enterprise and XACT.

XECUTE is unique to other short term planning tools in that it uses real time information from multiple sources to provide the user accurate information at the time of planning rather than freezing a point in time and using that as the basis for planning the next period. XECUTE will change how every mining operation across the planet goes about their day to day operations says Richard Mathews, RPM’s CEO.  “As the mining industry returns to a state of normality we are seeing organisations looking to pre position themselves to take advantage of the next upturn in the cycle. XECUTE is one of those critical tools that can enable that to happen”.    

To learn more about how XECUTE can improve outcomes at your Mining operation, contact your local RPM office.



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