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RungePincockMinarco (RPM) has today announced the latest release of their XERAS for Enterprise product, delivering a powerful new module, the Model Repository.


The Model Repository delivers total control over the version history, storage and ownership of individual XERAS models used throughout an entire enterprise implementation. XERAS models can now be stored in a single location, not spread around local drives and network share folders.

Mr Craig Halliday, RPM’s Executive General Manager – Enterprise Solutions said, “XERAS for Enterprise’s new Model Repository provides the next level of visibility, consistency and control in budgeting and reforecasting for our clients.”

“Previously, organisations have relied on users saving data locally and managing their own version control, never being able to say with absolute certainty that they were working on the most up to date version. The Model Repository takes away all concerns about version control. It has model check in and check out functionality that controls ownership of a model for any given time and model history that clearly displays the current ‘live’ version as well as a transparent versioning history.

“Using comments, tags and other metadata the Model Repository can now also provide much more information about the XERAS model and its supporting files, and even more importantly it provides an easy way to record what changes have been made from one version to the next. Auditability is something our clients love about XERAS for Enterprise and this new module has it in spades.”

The use of the Model Repository also gives XERAS for Enterprise users a far more robust way of centrally controlling the logic and workflows that are used in each and every model. This ensures consistency and true standardisation across the organisation.

RPM have continued to broaden the capabilities of their XERAS for Enterprise solution since its initial release in May 2013. Their strong partnership with SAP has resulted in them being recognised with SAP Integration Certification; this both validates and endorses the technical architecture of RPM’s enterprise product offering.

For existing RPM XERAS clients, today also marks the release of version 8.4. The focus of this release has been on quality improvement with a number of bugs fixed along with some other minor enhancements. XERAS 8.4 is available for maintained clients to download immediately.

The complete solution of XERAS for Enterprise including Model Repository and business intelligence integration is available today, and live demonstrations can be organised through any RPM office.

For futher information please contact:

Suzanne Pelizzari
Global Marketing Manager
+61 7 3100 7200