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RPMGlobal announces new corporate brand and continued commitment to the mining industry. (04 Apr 2017)

BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA, APRIL 4, 2017 – RungePincockMinarco (RPM), a global mining technology leader, today announces the company’s new corporate brand and logo. The new brand, RPMGlobal, respects RPM’s past whilst looking outward towards its future.

RPMGlobal CEO, Richard Mathews, said: “Today, I am proud to announce that we have relaunched our company’s brand and logo. Going forward we will now be known as RPMGlobal. I expect this name to be shortened (as it already has been) by the industry to just RPM when people refer to us. Over the past 5 years, we have completed five acquisitions, all of which have enabled us to build upon on our overarching software strategy. This strategy, is to be the market leader in enterprise solutions for mine planning, simulation, costing, maintenance and execution systems to the mining industry.”

“During this time, we have delivered over 20 new software products and countless significant upgrades, through continually increasing our investment in research and development and more importantly delivering greater value to the industry.  RPM’s journey started with a few desktop products which, whilst being well regarded by our customers were aging. RPM now delivers the most advanced scheduling tools in the industry along with leading simulation, costing, execution solutions for both production and maintenance.  This unique set of products have all been built to utilise the industry’s only Enterprise Planning Framework (EPF). ”

“RPM’s Advisory business has done a great job of defending its turf. Throughout a very tough period, they have taken market share off their competitors and are now clearly the undisputed industry experts. Globally we are trusted to deliver impartial, expert advice during a mine’s lifecycle from exploration to mine closure including project feasibility and funding as well as mine development and operations.”

Mr Mathews continued, “RPM has significantly grown the number of services and solutions we offer the industry and therefore we now need a new brand identity that respects and aligns with where the company has come from but more importantly where it is headed to in the future.  We deliberately kept ‘RPM’ front and centre as we know that this heritage means a lot to our customers and staff. We have always had a global presence so reflecting this in our new company brand makes perfect sense.”

While the brand and logo have changed to better represent what the company is today, RPMGlobal’s value proposition remains the same – our combination of software solutions with advisory excellence and training enables us to continue to deliver excellence to our mining customers.

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