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RPM unveils new XERAS Enterprise software at SAP Industry Advisory Council for Mining (29 Oct 2015)

RungePincockMinarco (RPM) has today announced the release of XERAS Enterprise, its new enterprise financial modelling product which has a revolutionary new user interface (UI) and the power and flexibility of a server based architecture.

Cape Town, SOUTH AFRICA (October 29, 2015)

This latest software offering from RPM, the leaders in mining financial modelling, brings with it a whole new user engagement experience given its speed, agility and exciting new user interface.

Speaking today at the SAP Industry Advisory Council for Mining Partner Day, Mr Richard Mathews, RPM’s CEO said, “XERAS Enterprise has been built from the ground up and incorporates our 35 years of experience in financial modelling for mining. The whole user experience is incredibly different from what our clients, and indeed the industry, has ever seen before.”

Inspired by the gaming industry, the UI is streamlined, user focused and delivers financial information in an interactive new way.

“To put it simply, the user interface is really cool”, continued Mr Mathews, “we have put a lot of effort into exploring the users’ needs, making it more intuitive, easier to navigate, completely transparent and much more visual with one click graphs and charts, and much much faster.   

“XERAS Enterprise provides the next level of visibility, consistency and control in budgeting and reforecasting for our clients.”

Using a central enterprise planning framework, XERAS Enterprise has seamless integration with SAP and other ERP systems. From the power of the corporate master data module to a sophisticated model repository for the management of data, RPM’s Enterprise Planning Framework allows clients to store, manage and control their budgeting and reforecasting processes better than ever before. The seamless transfer of data between the ERP and the budgeting/reforecasting models ensures that there is a single source of the truth delivering greater confidence in every budget or reforecast produced.

“RPM has really pioneered the use of enterprise financial modelling for mining, from zero based budgeting to plan vs. actual reporting. We are delivering consistency, reliability and certainty to the guys in charge of some very big numbers within our clients. XERAS Enterprise is the next step in this journey, it’s now easier to use and even faster than before. There is no need to be grappling with hundreds of divergent spread sheets anymore, one system fully integrated produces the best results.”

This product isn’t solely targeted at the big end of town, through different use modes XERAS Enterprise will also suit the smaller miners. Whether you need to manage a maintenance budget at a single site, consolidate forecasts across a couple of operations or take it all the way across an entire multi-site mining business and connect with your ERP, then XERAS Enterprise has an option that will suit.

“While Enterprise systems are critical to large operations, we understand that it isn’t necessary for all clients, but they do all need a robust budgeting system that delivers accurate and transparent outcomes.  XERAS Enterprise can ensure this for any scale operation.”

“Early feedback on this new product has been overwhelmingly positive and we are certainly keen to see many of our clients start reaping the benefits of using a new and exciting server based, integrated, financial modelling product” concluded Mr Mathews.

The complete XERAS Enterprise solution and ERP integration is available today and live demonstrations can be organised through any RPM office.

For futher information please contact:

Suzanne Pelizzari
Global Marketing Manager
+61 7 3100 7200