Press Release


RungePincockMinarco (RPM) has today released an update to their industry paper titled ‘Minimum Engineering Study Requirements’

Denver, USA (June 24, 2015) 

Under the banner of ‘RPM Perspectives’ a publication that dates back to 1999 and previously known as ‘Pincock Perspectives’, RPM’s global team of experts have produced this update to the much sought after paper that has served as in industry guide to the challenging landscape of mining studies.  

This topic was first documented in 2005 and updated in 2009, with the latest version being even more comprehensive. This edition has been a collaboration across the vast geography and capability of RPM’s global advisory team. 

Mr. Tim Swendseid, President of Consulting Services – Americas and major contributor to this paper commented on the update, “Issue # 70 of Pincock Perspectives was ground breaking; it was the culmination of so much information that it became a real tool for the industry. With the update in 2009, Issue #95 was incredibly well received. It has been our most requested paper, and even now six years later, we still get regular requests for copies. Recently we received a request for proposal for a pre-feasibility study, and the request referenced our own table from the 2009 article — it is a highly regarded guideline used by the global industry. With so much value riding on the back of engineering studies we felt it was time for an update.”

“This update has encouraged much discussion across our global team and taken a lot of work to produce. The collaborative approach means all significant global exchange listing codes have been considered. This paper includes a comprehensive table of RPM’s Guidelines for what they suggest to be the minimum requirements for the three key levels of engineering studies, regardless of jurisdiction, incorporation or geographic location. 

“Having this table as a tool makes it very easy to ensure your studies are meeting the minimum best standard we have set. At a quick glance you can see how complex this process can be if you don’t have the right information at hand. We hope this latest update continues to provide value to the industry, concluded Mr. Swendseid.” 

Mr. Swendseid has over 30 years of operational and engineering experience including senior leadership positions at operating properties in the USA, Chile and Mexico. He has been involved with numerous operation and construction audits, investigations and implementations of internal growth projects and acquisition evaluations of individual properties and of entire companies. This has provided him with a solid grasp of the technical, operational and financial aspects of mining for all sizes of projects and puts him in good stead to lead the production of a paper of this caliber. 

Commenting on the publication of this paper Mr. Philippe Baudry, Executive General Manager – Advisory Services said; “The previous versions of this paper have come to be seen as somewhat of a bible for the industry, we set a standard and both editions have been referenced too many times to count. It has taken some time to gather all the right information but the team has done a fantastic job to ensure this article is informative, comprehensive and technically correct. 

“Tim has led a global effort to ensure that RPM continue to set the benchmark for mining industry studies and we hope that our insight continues to be valuable. Our teams are experts in their field and producing a document of this caliber demonstrates their knowledge and professional integrity.”  

RPM’s global team of mining experts are internationally respected for their depth and breadth of experience and as a result, are the go-to independent advisors for many of the world’s largest mining operators, financial institutions and investors. 

To obtain a full copy of this paper or to learn more about RPM’s capibility in this area please contact