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RPM not slowing down with another major release for its XPAC Solutions which delivers unrivalled functionality, speed and enterprise connectivity improvements in scheduling (21 Mar 2016)

RungePincockMinarco (RPM) is continuing to move ahead of its peers in the mining software industry by delivering another significant advancement in scheduling technology with the latest release of its XPAC Solutions.


Commenting on the release, Mr. Craig Halliday, Executive Vice President – Software, said “This latest release benefits our entire suite of commodity-specific scheduling solutions. While it brings with it enhanced functionality and enterprise capabilities, the big focus for this release was speed.”

“Our scheduling solutions handle more data and process schedules faster than any other application on the market. Our goal with XPAC Solutions 1.8 was to provide a fully intuitive user experience without compromising on speed or functionality. Users can now spend less time waiting to generate schedules or managing data and more time solving business-critical problems.”

This release now includes for the first time “ancillary tasks” functionality. This represents a great example of how RPM has improved data handling capabilities within the XPAC solutions suite without comprising speed or flexibility.  Ancillary tasks, such as drilling, can now form part of the schedule. The associated data, including drill patterns, can also be stored in the scheduling model. 

Another new feature is “external material sources”. Often operations process material from other sources, such as an underground section or a neighbouring mine. With “external material sources”, XPAC solutions are now able to consider any additional material in the product optimiser as part of the schedule and is not an afterthought. This exciting new addition has been developed in partnership with one of the world’s largest iron ore producers and was a key factor in the decision by a large gold miner to switch from their existing planning software to RPM’s XPAC Solutions.

Also included in this release is interactive scheduling enhancements. This functionality has been immensely popular as it removes the time consuming task of manually selecting an input path along with storing the scheduling plot so that it is always available to the user. The scheduling process is more intuitive and dynamic with activities such as generating stage plans now up to 90 times faster.   

“Our capabilities in big data and speed aren’t dependent on our clients investing in super computers, nor do we except that to achieve timely results, smaller scheduling models should be used. Users should be able to run many iterations, end to end, to deliver real value within a short period of time.  Our schedules incorporate Production, Haulage and Processing, meaning we schedule all the way through to the final product without any impact on application performance, providing a better overall result for the user.”   

“RPM has pioneered the move into Enterprise Mine Planning so it’s no surprise that this release builds on that strategy. Using RPM’s Enterprise Planning Framework, XPAC Solutions now benefit from a robust master data module and model repository that allows customers to control master data, planning assumptions and create a single source of truth across their entire organisation, for all planning applications.”

“We are noticing a lot of people in the industry are talking about Enterprise platforms which is why we have dedicated resources to enhancing our robust suite of enterprise solutions that are already implemented at sites all over the world. When it comes to Enterprise Mine Planning, there is no doubt we are the industry leaders in this space.”

Mr. Halliday concluded “Over the past 2 years, RPM has almost doubled our software development team including the establishment of a new development centre in Perth. This has led to a change in the paradigm for users, from a development process that had yearly releases to a regular, feature-rich release process that our user community really appreciates. This is the third major release for our solutions within 12 months and has been delivered through an ISO9001 proven process, assuring users that quality hasn’t been compromised.”

These latest versions of RPM’s XPAC Solutions are available for current clients to download today, and live demonstrations can be organised through any RPM office.

For futher information please contact:

Suzanne Pelizzari
Global Marketing Manager
+61 7 3100 7200