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RPM continues to lead the way in the digital mine planning landscape with the integration of AMT and XERAS Enterprise (27 Jun 2017)

Brisbane, Australia, June 27, 2017 – In an industry first, RPMGlobal (RPM) continue to lead, but also demonstrate, the value of the connected digital mine with the integration of AMT and XERAS Enterprise. RPM is the only vendor who delivers a fully integrated production, maintenance, simulation and financial planning offering to the mining industry underpinned by RPM’s industry leading Enterprise Planning Framework.

The integration between AMT and XERAS Enterprise connects two critical elements in the budgeting and forecasting process, breaking down the once siloed divisions of maintenance, production and finance in the process, to deliver the next level of cost management for progressive mining companies.

EGM Product Strategy, Michael Baldwin, said “Today’s announcement delivers on the commitment RPM made 12 months ago when we acquired AMT. The addition of AMT into RPM’s Enterprise Planning Framework means we can deliver our customers in-depth knowledge of the real costs associated with maintenance and understand the financial impact this has on the operation.”

“The customer reaction to the acquisition and now integration of AMT into the RPM Enterprise strategy has been overwhelmingly positive. There is nothing in the market today that delivers this level of functionality, with seamless integration. This adds real value to our clients operations.”

At the heart of AMT is the Dynamic Lifecycle Costing (DLCC) engine. DLCC is the process of forecasting (in real time) every maintenance event for an asset to the end of its useful life including the expected future cost and performance of the asset. This functionality enables asset managers to easily identify potential issues and take action early, saving money and avoiding costly downtime. No other solution in the market can do this.

With the largest global installation base, XERAS Enterprise is the industry’s leading zero-based budgeting solution and the trusted enterprise platform for the cost-focused mining organisation. With SAP certified integration, XERAS Enterprise delivers a live forecasting environment, significantly reducing the time it takes to generate budgets and forecasts, delivering companies an accurate financial position, at any given time. XERAS Enterprise also delivers cost driver, scenario and what-if analysis straight out of the box.   

Typically the maintenance planning, budgeting and forecasting system has been disconnected from the operational budgeting and forecasting software, thus requiring a myriad of spreadsheets and copy and paste to get the job done. The seamless integration of AMT and XERAS Enterprise provides agile and more importantly, trustworthy, plans delivered to the corporate stakeholders.

“RPM has always been very clear about our strategy. We want to provide mining companies with a solution for the business rather than a tool for each individual or division within the business.

With a fully integrated suite of Enterprise solutions from production through to maintenance, mining companies now have complete visibility, from the boardroom to the mine operation. This level of visibility empowers mining companies to make informed decisions to deliver the productivity, safety and shareholder value that the market requires.”

Mr Baldwin concluded, “In partnering with our customers and industry partners, we are enabling mining companies to rethink what is possible through greater understanding of assets to reach new heights in their operations.”

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Global Marketing Manager

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