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RungePincockMinarco (RPM) has today announced the release of its latest version of HAULSIM delivering cutting-edge features and benefits to its users.

BRISBANE, Australia (May 14, 2015) 

RPM’s powerful HAULSIM solution provides simulation power to site engineers, giving miners the ability to bring simulation in-house. Forging ahead to meet current demands of the industry, HAULSIM 1.3 includes improved equipment configuration and reporting capabilities, further developed loader to truck load time calculations, enhanced equipment interaction logic and the addition of material types and stop signs. 

Mr. Craig Halliday, RPM’s Executive General Manager – Enterprise Solutions said, “HAULSIM provides the ability to justify changes to your operation that will increase productivity and utilisation, prior to committing capital to make said changes. With the incorporation of significant additions and improvements through the release of HAULSIM 1.3, HAULSIM remains the most powerful and effective haulage simulation tool on the market.”

“The mining industry is being faced with increasing pressure to lower production costs. Given haulage represents one of the most high cost components of the mining process, it is imperative to be able to quantify the most optimum mine haulage plan. Consequently, the features of HAULSIM 1.3 release provide increased certainty around the cost benefit of proposed changes through simulation, prior to being implemented.”  

HAULSIM 1.3 gives users the ability to accurately model, visualise and analyse every aspect of their mine haulage system. With this release comes improved equipment configuration, allowing users to add truck and loading units directly to the HAULSIM model as well as allow for differentiation of equipment and location behavior through the addition of material types.

“Through the introduction of material types, stop signs and additional reporting methods, as well as improvements to calculation methods and equipment interaction logic, HAULSIM now makes achieving significant cost savings even easier. Users can now gain a deeper understanding of the potential of the mine haulage operation from the get-go.”

HAULSIM is suitable for all mining projects irrespective of commodity, mining method or stage in the mining lifecycle. Providing the ability to identify efficiencies and configure proposed mine haulage routes through simulation makes HAULSIM the go-to for miners around the globe.

To learn more about how operations are making large savings and significant productivity gains through the use of HAULSIM, contact your local RPM office today.

For futher information please contact:

Suzanne Pelizzari
Global Marketing Manager
+61 7 3100 7200