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RPM announces new scheduling product – Stratigraphic Metals XPAC Solution (25 Jul 2016)

RungePincockMinarco (ASX: RUL) [RPM] has today announced the expansion of its suite of commodity based mine scheduling software solutions, through the launch of Stratigraphic Metals XPAC Solution ™.

Stratigraphic Metals is a Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) software product that is specifically designed to handle the complex scheduling issues unique to this type of mining with dynamic design, haulage and product optimisation all forming part of this powerful solution and, like the other RPM Commodity Based Solutions, is built on RPM’s industry leading scheduling solution, XPAC ®.

Stratigraphic metal mines are shallow and extensive and therefore present a number of challenges not encountered with traditional open pit mines. The opportunities for backfilling in worked out sections of the mine are considerable and the maintenance of adequate backfill space is essential when maximising haulage efficiency. Such situations require a more dynamic and flexible approach to the design of the mine.

Commenting on the release, RPM’s Executive Vice President – Software Division, Craig Halliday, said “Built on XPAC’s scheduling platform, the Stratigraphic Metals Solution features the same level of power and speed that is available in our existing suite of commodity-specific solutions. This process driven solution has been designed to optimise how dynamic haulage is used to model and provide accurate alternative routes to schedulers into both the worked out areas and the conventional external pit dumps within a mine.”

Featuring the same level of speed and agility of RPM’s other scheduling solutions, Stratigraphic Metals Solution fills a much needed gap in the industry.

Mr. Halliday concluded by saying, “Product Optimiser functionality is at the forefront of the Stratigraphic Metals Solution, ensuring production targets and qualities are always met. Designed to take into consideration the shallow and expansive operating conditions of stratigraphic deposits, the solution is the only scheduling system of its kind that can compare and optimise such complex options, ensuring the optimal mining decisions are realised, enabling users to identify the most cost-effective scheduling and extraction sequence.”

The business benefits of this solution are clear – contact your local RPM office today for a demonstration and to learn more about how the Stratigraphic Metals Solution can increase productivity at your mining operation.

For futher information please contact:

Suzanne Pelizzari
Global Marketing Manager
+61 7 3100 7200