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RPM announces its latest release of XECUTE (08 Mar 2016)

RungePincockMinarco (RPM) has today announced a significant upgrade to XECUTE – the industry’s first and only enterprise mine planning application for the ultra-short-term horizon. The launch of XECUTE 1.1 delivers several software enhancements advancing both product functionality and overall user experience.

BRISBANE, Australia (March 7, 2016)

XECUTE 1.1 includes RPM’s market leading Product Optimiser functionality as well as pre-defined mining levels which enables users to pre-configure elements of the mine plan. Other additions include greater flexibility across the product with respect to configuring mining activities and enhanced, real-time, multi-user capabilities.

The ability to visualise and adjust ultra-short-term schedules is made easier with the enhancement of in-built 3D capabilities. XECUTE 1.1 includes more advanced animation functionality providing the user with full 3D visualisation of the excavation of individual mining blocks.

“Users are truly in the driver’s seat. Inspired by gaming technology, changes to mine plans can be made in real time, across multiple users. If a user makes an approved change to the mine plan from say head office or a mine site, that change is then reflected across every user who logs into that mine plan anywhere in the world. This is a very powerful software enhancement to XECUTE.” said RPM’s Executive General Manager Software, Craig Halliday. 

“This product has gone from strength to strength since its launch at AustMine last year. With continued development, XECUTE remains the industry’s only solution which combines design, reserving and scheduling into a single, dynamic 4D environment.”

To learn more about how XECUTE can enhance your mining operation, contact your local RPM office today.


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