RPMGlobal Industry & Product Update 2018

RPMGlobal Industry & Product Update 2018

RPMGlobal invites you attend the 2018 Annual Customer Event in South Africa

A Day in the Life of a Mine

Take the opportunity to meet the Product Managers who are building RPMGlobal’s solutions and who will share with you the exciting new developments expected in upcoming product releases and updates.

If you attended our update event last year you would have seen how the RPM “Enterprise Planning Framework (EPF)” becomes the on-ramp to your digitalization journey.This enterprise approach illustrates the advantages that come from using data and information obtained and combined seamlessly from multiple connected systems.

This year we are taking a closer look at how that Enterprise capability translates into flexible and predictable business benefits.  See options that open up for collaboration across your business when physically separate systems appear to be logically whole; and data is shared across applications and business domains without having to manually find and knit it all together.

Using practical examples that occur daily in any mining operation we will show you how Integrated Intelligent Mining helps you respond quickly to answer management questions or make operational decisions to help you plan the mine, then mine the plan.

In pursuit of Planned vs Actual reconciliation there are now practical solutions in our product suite to get the real-time data sanitised and integrated quickly so that you can use this wealth of information to inform your decision and planning process, or re-plan quickly while understanding the full impact of options operationally, financially, and practically.