Future of Mining

The Future of Mining will address the key strategic and operational questions that matter from project/operations level management through to the boardroom. Join RPMGlobal and partners SAP & Mineware to hear insights around how partnering to deliver the Digital Mine is helping our global mining customers transform their mining operations globally.

Processing – Driving new value creation in the mining chain through real-time, short interval control and feedback

Andrew Jessett, CEO – MineWare & Michael Baldwin, EGM Product Strategy & Marketing – RPMGlobal

 Composite, Ground Floor
  • How can mining operations close the feedback loop on planning and operations to enable a new level of interoperability?
  • How can greater system integration and continuous feedback maximise productivity and predictability of the mining and extraction processes?
  • How does improved collaboration between departments, systems and up-stream processes make better use of big data for operational decision making?
Panel: Business Ecosystems – Are We Missing a Trick?

SAP & RPMGlobal with customers 

 Grand Lodge, First Floor
  • How can mining companies innovate when capital is constrained, Human Resources are scarce, and innovation is perceived risky and expensive?
  • How can structured collaboration drive innovation more successfully within mining?
  • While there is evidence of ecosystems being used in Exploration, how widely are they being used across the industry?
  • What success have we seen from collaboration between mining companies and service providers to date and why should they be integral to your business strategy?
  • Can an ecosystem accelerate or slow down the pace of innovation?