XERAS Enterprise – bringing greater visibility, agility and overall performance to your mining enterprise as your single source of truth

Forecast the future of your mine’s financial health and immediately see the impact of every decision, before it’s made, with XERAS Enterprise. With seamless integration to SAP and other ERPs and mine planning systems, XERAS Enterprise provides complete financial visibility.

RPMGlobal XERAS Enterprise Financials – allowing your mine to grow, profitably.

• Integrate, simplify and automate your financial operations.

• Identify opportunities for growth with increased visibility and communicate and execute strategies seamlessly. 

• Create frequent, more accurate forecasts for changing operating conditions.

• Publish and access financial reports quickly and easily from anywhere, at any time using the XERAS Enterprise app.

• Improve efficiencies of business processes with one single source of truth.

Solution overview 

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Case Study: Global Iron Ore Miner

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Video: Financial Solution Overview