XACT for Enterprise connects RPMGlobal’s short-term scheduler, XACT, with SAP, delivering a truly integrated planning and execution solution.

XACT for Enterprise is based on one source of the truth and closes the gap between planning, production and maintenance.

XACT for Enterprise links the short term production plan with SAP’s production planning and execution processes, allowing the execution of plans using SAP’s production management systems. 

The result of XACT for Enterprise is a reduction in variability and an increase in productivity. XACT for Enterprise lets you respond quickly, updating your short term schedule with the latest information.

Mine planners are able to quickly analyse the impacts and investigate scenarios that best achieve the daily or weekly targets for new operational conditions, reacting rapidly to changes in the mine as they occur. 


  • Dynamic data synchronisation across the enterprise
  • Synchronisation of data between SAP and the short term XACT plan
  • Integration with SAP Maintenance Work orders and Process Orders (including mining instructions)
  • Multi user capability
  • Rapid scenario analysis
  • Production target and forecasting capabilities
  • Maintenance planning and equipment outage planning capabilities
  • Mining progress and pit status recognition
  • Audit trail capabilities

As a SAP-endorsed partner, XACT for Enterprise is a logical productivity extension for any operation.