The majority of equipment delays are not in fact related to technical failures, but failures in asset management.

These are the questions that AMT’s shift log and down time module addresses, providing value information to understand the high impact delays and bottleneck in the asset management processes.

Are there sufficient work shop bays?
Do we have enough electricians?
Is lack of certain inventory items leading to excessive repair times?

AMT reporting and analytics has been developed to complement your existing asset management processes.

Industry standard KPI’s and field proven reports are embedded in the system to measure the performance of each HE process area.

This structure enables easy identification of improvement opportunities by process area, further supporting your continuous improvement effort.

Business Benefits

The Information You Need at Your Fingertips

AMT has user configurable dashboards and quick watch screens to give you the right information at the right time to run your business.

100´s of Built in Reports

AMT contains hundreds of flexible, industry standard reports meaning you don’t need to define reports to get started.

Deeper Insights

Using the shift log module, AMT combines shift log and work order information to provide powerful analysis capability.
The reporting tool itself provides a single, fully-integrated, asset reporting solution powered by standard Microsoft Reporting Services. 

User Configurable Dashboard

AMT’s user configurable dashboard provides the right information based on your role.

Quick Watch Customizable Alerts

AMT Intelligence Centre

The AMT optional Intelligence Centre ‘IC’ module leverages asset data to create custom reports deployed directly into the AMT user environment. The solution delivers an unprecedented level of world class, integrated asset reporting capability, allowing users to track, analyse, understand and manage their business in order to improve enterprise performance.

You can develop your own reports using the data exposed in this module giving you ultimate reporting and analysis flexibility.