PUNO™ is a software solution which finds the least cost network of drives to extract resources on each level of a mine. It can be linked to DOT™ for a full mine access design.

PUNO is a software solution for use by mine planning engineers to design an optimal layout of level development within an ore body that minimises the haulage and development costs for ore extraction on each level. PUNO is based on the theory of weighted Steiner networks.

Inputs for PUNO:

  • For each stope, the stope geometry and the tonnage extracted
  • Coordinates of the points where each level access connects to the decline network
  • Locations of vent raises on each level
  • Level development and haulage cost rates
  • Bearing of the access into the stopes

For each extraction and drilling level, PUNO calculates the nodes and (straight) links forming the optimal (minimum cost) layout for the access to the level. The layout connects the stope access, decline access points, and vent raises. Footwall drives associated with clusters of stopes may be included in the design.

The outputs from PUNO are the coordinates of the nodes and the links in the optimal layout for each level, the level tonnages and level development and haulage costs, and certain angle information at the decline access points that is needed by DOT. The design can be imported into standard general mine planning packages including RPMGlobal Planning and Scheduling Solutions for viewing and further processing.