Predictability Improves Production Output and Safety

Whereas previously, operational teams would have to wait to receive progress reports that were manually updated or on post-it notes and whiteboards, they can now receive the information in real time with Operations Manager.  This information is literally at the Supervisors fingertips either via a mobile device or their desktop. It is the next evolution in the digital mine.

For years, mining operations have resorted to manual, whiteboard-based, or spreadsheet-supported processes to bring some kind of cohesion between planning, activity dispatching and data capture functions across their shift plans. This process is chaotic, difficult, error-prone and ineffective for the most part. It is almost impossible to do corrections across the mining operations if you do not know what has happened.

 ‘What Operations Manager offers is true end-to-end collaboration built on industry standards, all within a live planning environment’

Operations Manager is a shift wide productivity platform.

  1. Maximise productivity through smart planning and continuous improvement.
    Mine sites are complicated and can change rapidly within a shift. Operations Manager is a web-based solution that allows you to view your shift plan and easily adapt and update it on the fly. It can be used across a wide range of mobile devices so that you can take a photo, draw on it and schedule a task from anywhere and that will be reflected in the shift plan immediately for everyone to see.

    No more whiteboards, paper-based solutions and post-it notes. No more silos of information.

  1. Control to optimise resource allocation to meet productivity goals
    Operations Manager intuitive user interface provides a view of all KPI’s, tasks and processes for planning and operations. Not only can shift personnel see what work needs to happen but they can also see the work that has been completed. This information allows them to ensure resources are allocated correctly and continually adjusted to people’s equipment tasks. This ensures shift goals are met, production is maximised, and safety adhered to.
  1. Informed decision making
    Monitoring performance against the plan during the shift and having real-time visibility of what is happening onsite means that everyone involved with the operation on a mine site understand the impact their decisions are making immediately. The data can be used to rectify issues mid-shift and the impact of those decisions are clearly visible to the business.
  1. Analytics and Reporting
    Operations Manager has a variety of reports and analytics available for different stakeholders. Turning this information into insights gives site planners the ability to focus on increasing productivity for the business instead of just trying to figure out what has been happening onsite from the various manual data inputs.
  1. Integration
    Operations Manager is not a bespoke solution, it is a solution that can be integrated across the mining enterprise using RPM Global’s Enterprise Planning Framework (EPF). Therefore providing our customers with an accurate an holistic view. 


Figure 1: Operations Manager user interface 


Figure 2: Operations Manager user interface 

To learn more, contact us to arrange a demo of Operations Manager.