LUNO™ is a software solution which finds the least cost tree network to access discrete ore zones.

LUNO is a tool for designing a cost-optimal strategic mine layout. It is particularly useful for finding the best layout for a mine, or extension of a mine, where there are multiple ore zones. LUNO finds the tree network that minimises the combined cost of development and haulage. The program takes the gradient constraint into consideration, but not turning circle constraints or barriers, hence it is most effective for dispersed large-scale problems, or for generating potentially useful topologies.

Inputs for LUNO:

  • Maximum gradient for declines
  • Development and haulage cost rates
  • Coordinates of surface portal(s) or breakout point(s) from an existing decline
  • For each access point or draw point to be served by the decline network, the coordinates and tonnes extracted

A cost objective is minimised, comprising development plus haulage cost.

The output from LUNO contains the nodes and links in the optimal network, and the topology of the network, together with the lengths and gradients of the links, and the total cost of the network.