Most mining organisations use different versions of the truth to make decisions, face challenges in consolidating plans and forecasts, struggle to predict future performance, and lack alignment in resources across the functions.

RPMGlobal’s Enterprise Planning Framework (EPF) extends the capabilities of existing desktop solutions and provides a platform for enterprise applications. It facilitates true end-to-end design, planning and scheduling, simulation, financial modelling and execution capabilities across the mining value chain.

EPF is an open and integrated platform providing mining operations with a transparent, governed and auditable two-way integration into ERP, Business Intelligence solutions and Fleet Management systems (FMS).  

With EPF mining organisations can –

  1. Ensure consistency across the budgeting process across the entire business;
  2. Deliver accuracy and control by storing model versions allowing multiple people to collaborate simultaneously;
  3. Provide accurate business intelligence based on the ‘single source of the truth’