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This course provides those from a non-mining background with a comprehensive understanding of the mining industry.

Mining for Non Miners participants will have a greater understanding of the operational practices pivotal to the mining industry, be able to interpret essential terminology and feel more comfortable interacting with core mining staff.

Who should attend?

Those from a non-mining background who wish to achieve a greater understanding of mining operations. In particular, those who are looking to achieve effective working relationships with core mining staff or who have peripheral contact with the mining industry.

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Learning Outcomes

At the completion of this course participants will be able to:

  • Appreciate the significance of the mining industry
  • Understand frequently used terminology
  • Describe the use of different mining methods
  • Understand the principles of mine design and planning
  • Understand pit optimisation
  • Describe the impact of rehabilitation and environmental considerations
  • Understand the use of drilling and blasting
  • Describe essential pit services and safety operations
  • Describe the impact of Geotechnical considerations
  • Explore the costing implications of mining operations
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