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Talpac truck productivity simulator

TALPAC, the mining industry's leading, independent haulage and loading simulator, simulates a truck and loader fleet, traveling over a haul route.

The fleet systems evaluation tool is essential in the equipment selection and justification process. 

Using proven logic that models real haulage situations, TALPAC lets you study the measurable factors that affect productivity, and how your fleet will react to them.

TALPAC’s comprehensive equipment database of trucks, loaders, scrapers and underground equipment includes more than 500 trucks and 400 loaders and is updated annually, directly from manufacturers. This makes it the ideal independent adjudicator of most of the mining equipment on the market.

With TALPAC you can investigate and compare time period productivity; travel, loading and wait times; fuel usage; wear and tear; average operational costs and much more. And you can do all of this on an incremental basis, exploring different network scenarios by making changes to ramp grades, route surfaces: the list goes on.

Haulage experts use TALPAC to work out the size of their fleet; which pieces of equipment are the most compatible; and to consider loader bucket and truck tray sizes, matching sizes for the greatest efficiency.

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