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Mining software at the forefront for more than 30 years. RungePincockMinarco's mining software continues to be sought after globally for mine planning, scheduling, equipment simulation and financial analysis solutions. 

We continually innovate and improve our software to adapt to industry trends and to anticipate our clients’ technology needs. Our software is used by miners, mining contractors, financial institutions and other service providers to the mining sector.

RungePincockMinarco's mining software technology is founded on two key principles:

  1. To enable operators to make the best decisions based on their particular circumstances and achieve the optimum economic outcome 
  2. To provide a high level of governance for all operations from the bore hole to the boardroom.

Mine Scheduling Software

Our mine scheduling software delivers practical and reliable scheduling solutions in short term and long term planning horizons. Our scheduling solutions deliver answers based on actual data and fewer assumptions; granularity and resolution can be increased without a corresponding loss of speed; and mine schedules and reports can be trusted to have practical value.

Mining engineers have been using our mine scheduling software since 1980 to model their reserves, generate production schedules and evaluate alternative scenarios.

Follow their lead to deliver knowledge and confidence to your operation.

XPAC logo  Unlock the power of the most sophisticated and detailed mine scheduling software available. 
XACT Logo  Take complete control of your short-term mine scheduling. 

Simulation Software

Find the best equipment solutions for almost any operation using our mining simulation software to visualise multiple equipment options. Understand the costs, the risks and the benefits of different scenarios before making major capital investments.

Our equipment simulation software gives you the ability to quickly, comprehensively and most importantly, independently, audit different equipment capabilities or possibilities.

TALPAC Logo  Simulate a truck and loader fleet travelling over your haul network. 

Simulation software that gives you the ability to accurately model mine haulage systems.

HAULNET Logo Plan, create, visualise, manipulate and analyse your haulage network for both surface and underground mines. 
Simulate the operation of your draglines to compare different set ups and scenarios, and optimise productivity.

Simulate the activity of a long wall in underground coal mining.

Financial Analysis Software

XERAS, the total budgeting and strategic planning solution has been the mining industry’s trusted financial modelling solution for nearly twenty years. With decades of experience in mining and an in-depth understanding of the industry’s challenges, our financial modelling solution provides the right answers.

XERAS Logo  Build total budgeting and strategic planning solutions with the only financial modelling tool designed specifically for the mining industry. 

Geological Data Sets

FRACSIS Logo  Combine and visualise 2D and 3D geological data sets. 

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