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Feasibility advice for mine operators, investors and related service firms on the viability and risks of projects by conducting feasibility studies ranging from conceptual level to bankable.

Our scoping (also known as conceptual) and pre-feasibility studies are designed to provide a high level assessment of the viability of a deposit. The main aims of these studies are to provide a value of the potential project and to determine the key business drivers, and highlight aspects requiring more detailed investigation in subsequent levels of feasibility study.

Scoping and feasibility studies produced by our global network of experts are relied upon by established and junior miners alike, as well as leading financial institutions.

With worldwide specialists in geology, geostatistics, mine engineering, process engineering, geotechnical, environmental and mineral economics, our team are able to produce comprehensive yet concise feasibility studies that meet international standards.

We have been delivering these studies to clients around the world in open cut coal and open pit metals for over 40 years and in underground mechanised coal mining since 1990. 

We can also completely manage the scoping and feasibility study process on your behalf. This includes coordination of various experts, reports and test programs. This service gives you confidence that this complex and technical process is being handled by experts who are experienced and trusted in this field.

Contact your local RPM office for more specific project information if required.


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