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Concise and pragmatic mining economic solutions provided by experienced business analysts with strong financial understanding and access to market leading financial modelling software.

RungePincockMinarco specialises in geological modelling through to financial evaluation. This includes the development of operating and capital cost schedules along with revenue streams to give a Net Present Value (NPV).

Using our clients' own data, as well as our comprehensive global database of mine operating and capital costs, our clients obtain a reliable indication of how their operations are performing on an absolute basis compared to other mines, thus providing confidence in decision making.

Economic Ranking
Our economic ranking techniques determine the real value of ore and waste on an incremental mining block basis. This procedure allows rapid assessment of the effects of varying costs and revenue on the economic mining reserves associated with various mining methods and economic assumptions.

Financial Evaluation

We carry out financial evaluation of mining projects through a combination of Net Present Value Rate of Return (NPVROR) calculations, comparable sales prices, real options analysis and sensitivity analysis to provide a range of values for a given deposit. This type of advice is provided for purchases, expansions, developments and integration of existing operations. 

Reserve Statements
Our global network of experts includes Competent and Qualified Person who can provide reserve estimations to meet various global investment standards such as JORC and NI 43-101.

Life Cycle Costing

We can assist your operation with effective life cycle costing. We identify the key cost drivers of the business process that the equipment is used for and model the effects of these factors over time. We then identify the point at which the lowest costs for the whole of equipment life occur.

Maintenance Budgeting

We can create a database of forecast equipment operating costs from first principles and use to evaluate the many options that relate to the mining schedule. This helps manage the usage of major mining equipment, develop appropriate strategic capital acquisition/purchase agreements, and highlight opportunities for improvements in mine planning.

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