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Equipment selection, fleet optimisation and life cycle costing advice to ensure effective deployment of capital.

RungePincockMinarco’s expertise in equipment optimisation comes from its industry leading truck and loading software simulation tool, TALPAC, and by experienced consultants with diverse equipment backgrounds. 

Equipment optimisation and selection studies have been conducted worldwide for a variety of surface and underground operations. 'What if' and trade off studies are performed for determining proper equipment types, new technology for use with optimising truck and loader fleets, and to assist with dump site and haul road construction to better achieve mine plan objectives. 

With proven expertise in technical and financial analysis, RungePincockMinarco can also assist your operation with effective life cycle costing, covering the following steps:

  • Identify the key cost drivers of the business process that the equipment is used for and model the effects of these factors over time.
  • Identify the point at which the lowest costs for the whole of equipment life occur. Carry the key assumptions to provide a sensitivity analysis of this life.
  • Develop detailed long-term and short-term budgets that are responsive to production scenarios and it has special functions for equivalent annual costs analysis and maintenance costing.

Our business analysts can also evaluate the economics of proposed mining schedules and equipment purchases. A database of forecast equipment operating costs can be developed from first principles and used in the evaluation of many options that relate to the mining schedule. This helps manage the usage of major mining equipment, develop appropriate strategic capital acquisition/purchase agreements, and highlight opportunities for improvements in mine planning.

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