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A comprehensive range of environmental and mine closure services for mining companies globally.

Our global network of environmental and social impact experts provide support in all phases of mine permitting and closure and regulatory support. 

We have prepared comprehensive environmental baseline studies, mitigation plans, environmental compliance programs, closure plans and water treatment systems.  

Our experts understand the complex environmental and mine closure issues that face the global mining industry.  Their geographical coverage ensures that our advice is constantly up to date and relevant to the host country – no matter where you operate.

Our highly experienced team of specialists includes geochemists, remediation engineers, biologists, ecologists, toxicologists, hydrologists, hydro geologists, geotechnical engineers, reclamation scientists, regulatory and permitting specialists, and field and laboratory technicians.

Our people have extensive exposure to the Equator Principles and are skilled in gap analysis. We identify and assess all environmental and social risks which can affect project finance transactions.

Analysis of the potential environmental and social impacts of a mining project are an important consideration in the due diligence process. Our global network of environmental and social impact experts ensures that your studies and reviews meet local requirements as well as international standards.

Our permitting specialists are skilled in international permit planning, baseline-data collection and overall permit application preparation.  This team works closely with mine design engineers to ensure permit terms and conditions are effectively integrated into the mine operations.  

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