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RungePincockMinarco's corporate governance practices accord with the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations.

Please view our Corporate Governance Statement to review how RungePincockMinarco complies with these principles.

Board and Board Committees

RungePincockMinarco's Board of Directors is accountable to shareholders for the performance of the company. The Board comprises three non-executive Directors and one executive Director. 

The Board Charter sets out the responsibilities, power and authority of the Board and Board sub-committees, and the delegations to management.   

RungePincockMinarco's Board has established a number of committees to assist it in the performance of its duties. The committee rules and charters are as follows:

Policies and Codes

RungePincockMinarco has developed and adopted a number of policies and codes to guide Directors, management and personnel in the performance of their duties:

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