Investor Centre

RPMGlobal is committed to delivering value to our clients and investors.

Our vision is to be the pre-eminent supplier of software and services in our chosen fields due to our breadth of understanding of our client’s business environment, our depth of understanding of technical issues, our global support and our dedication to meeting client needs.

Our mission is to assist our clients to create value for their stakeholders by optimising the value of their natural resource assets and help them identify and manage risks.

RPM is a global mining technology software, advisory consultancy and professional development company.

Our people have specialist expertise in the following areas:

Listed on the Australian Securities Exchange on 27 May 2008 and currently trading under ‘RUL’, RPMGlobal is the world’s largest independent group of mining technical experts, with history stretching back to 1968. We have local expertise in all mining regions and are experienced across all commodities and mining methods.

We have evolved significantly since these beginnings and today we:

  • Operate from 19 locations in 12 countries;
  • Offer solutions across the entire mining value chain; and

Continue to provide unique value based solutions to the resources industry through our advisory consultancy, technology and professional development services.